UPDATE: June 14th 2013: Given the popularity of this post, I have decided to add and remove blogs who I think best represent the best blogs this year.

Hong Kong’s fashion blogging circle has started to see a considerable shift, as brands and big companies now recognize their influence with both Western and Chinese audiences as well. My time as a blogger has allowed me to meet some of these bright individuals, and thus today I list some of the best and brightest in this city so far… So without further ado:

1. The Wanderlister+ Asia

Run by JJ Acuna, The Wanderlister Asia is a blog with a particular focus on design, architecture, interiors, fashion rolled into one! After reading everything else fashion-related, this blog is a breath of fresh air, and helps us realize that fashion is indeed part of the design industry at large. He chronicles the latest happenings wherever his travels may take him, be it in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore etc. A definite read.


Denise is a vivacious blogger with an infectious bubble of energy! Now a freelance designer, she blogs between her time in Shanghai and Hong Kong. The blog’s design (as expected) matches her personality, with its zany font, color palette and “eye-catching” title. Keep an eye on her epileptic-conducing gifs.

3. Sam Is Home

Samantha’s blog has a beautiful minimalism to it, that is simultaneously calming and almost nostalgic. The simplicity behind her photography creates an easy visual storyline to follow. She is a very talented stylist (interior and fashion) and has also been featured on Chictopia. We both have a particular penchant for wordy posts, so every now and then expect her to delve into far deeper topics. Samantha is now the founder of an e-tailing store called A Boy Named Sue with her friend Tania (see below).  S and absolutely wowed me when she told me she read my blog from beginning to end. Needless to say it has given me boundless inspiration to keep blogging! 

4. T Like Bubble Tea

UPDATE: Since taking on her new venture, A Boy Named Sue, with Samantha, Tania no longer blogs on T Like Bubble Tea. RIP.

Tania operates this T Like Bubble Tea, documenting not only her adventures in Hong Kong but other countries as well! Meeting her for the first time in a beautiful, her blog has a noticeable European feel (despite the reference to Bubble Tea in the blog name!) and at times comes across as an exciting travel diary with recent posts to Mongolia and Lisboa!  

5. The Style Voyager

Sybil Kot is the blogger behind The Style Voyager, and has considerable  poise and style. She has been featured also numerous times in Chictopia, and recently was part of REISS’s blogging campaign in Hong Kong. She’s also a whiz behind the camera. 

6. How I Met Your Style (HIMYS)

Carmen Chan and Kenneth Wu are the photographers behind HIMYS, a passion project that focusses on the homes of fashion bloggers. They capture some of the best and brightest in the US and Hong Kong all through the magical medium of film. They are also full-time professional photographers, having done work for an astounding array of publications like Prestige, Lane Crawford, South China Morning Post etc.

7. A Pair And A Spare

Geneva has had her roots in Australia and the UK, but is currently living in Hong Kong and blogging about her experiences so far. Her blog has a heavy emphasis on DIY subjects. I first stumbled on her blog, when looking for wholesale material in Hong Kong, and her post on Sham Shui Po really nailed the topic! Since then, she has gained considerable influence and is now the author of a new book. 

8. Butterboom

Butterboom is the first place I frequent when looking for all fashion-related news in Hong Kong. The strength of this website is the sheer quantity of content they produce, which inevitably covers almost every topic I need to look up on. When meeting Pannee, the founder of Popcorn Media Network for the first time and discovering that she works at Butterboom, you can imagine my whole face brightening up at finally connecting a person to the blog!  

9. Cindiddy

Cindy Ko is the model-esque face behind Cindiddy. With a naturally beautiful presence on-camera (she’s one of the most photogenic I’ve seen), it’s no surprise she participated as part of Lane Crawford’s beauty campaign back in the day. Her blog chronicles her life, from shops, to food, to fashion.

10. Vnikali

Vnikali is run by Veronica Li, who works as a professional stylist in Hong Kong, boasting enviable clients such as Swatch. The growth of her blog has been immense over the past few months, the most exciting being her invitation to travel  to Vienna. Her petite frame makes her a relatable figure especially to other Asian girls. 

11. Fashion Hedonism

Fashion Hedonism is run by Christing C., known for her love of denim shorts, fierce long locks of hair and towering heels. Given the popular reception of her blog, Christing has since then opened her own e-store, Christing C., a spin-off brainchild that gives her readers the opportunity to channel her signature look. The store features individual boutique brands from countries such as Australia etc.  

12. Sha Lai

Sha Lai is the sister of Denise from SUPERWOWOMG (listed as #2 on this post). Her style is relatively boyish, sharp and tailored. Main elements of her blog include photography with a filmic feel, travel, food and fashion.  

New But Notable Mentions: These are the people who have entered into the blogging scene a little later than the people above, but who show a lot of promise and diligence with their posts so far. 

13. V-for-Visala



Image Source: Carmen Chan Photography